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For the reasons as the impact of global climate change and to improve air quality and city appearance, here is the call for all the citizen of Kaohsiung city to join our volunteer service of protecting environment. The issue of daily life of energy saving and carbon reduction become our first mission. Also, we need your help for cleaning environment, improving air quality and promoting other environmental protection policies in order to make Kaohsiung a better living city.
After the “Volunteer Service Act “announced at 2001 Jan. 20th, with government’s promotion and the public’s enthusiastic response, there are already distinguish results in environmental volunteer service in recent years. So far, we have around 100 environmental volunteer teams with more than 8,000 people’s participation. In order to work on the environmental protection of the big Kaohsiung living hood after the future combination of city and county governments, this year we expend the project of call for environmental volunteers. We welcome all administrative districts (village, neighborhood, and community), institution, school, group, factory, hospital, church and temple or individual (age above 7, regardless of gender, independent in self-care) to join us. We are looking for people with interest and enthusiasm, good mental and physical health and are willing to use spare time to join our environmental service without salary. Please submit your application (in the name of individual or group for team formulation of at least 20 people) to the Environmental Protection Bureau of Kaohsiung.
If you are interested in environmental protection volunteer service without any idea of how to join us, you can link to our website: Environmental Protection Bureau Kaohsiung City Government for further information. With your help and join, we could make a better life about our environment and make Kaohsiung a carbon reduced green city.


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