* 2021/09/01 Enviromental Protection Voiuntary Labour Website
  2021/09/01 Unit:高雄市環保局
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Environmental Protection Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government for improve the knowledge of environmental protection volunteers by , special training courses for environmental protection, volunteers are welcome to learn about environmental protection knowledge in daily life, experience hand-made courses and outdoor learning, rich and interesting course content is waiting for you to sign up.

1. Registration Unit: Dashu District、Xinxing District Section Assistant.

2. Trainees and conditions:

(1)Those who have joined the Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Volunteer Insurance.

(2) Those who have not yet received a certificate of environmental protection special training.

(3) Up to 80 people per session.

3.Training courses and locations:

(1) October 2, 2021、Jiutang Community Activity Center, Dashu District

(2) October 16, 2021 Xinxing District Nangang Activity Center