* 2019/09/12 Announcement 108 Environmental Protection Volunteer Squadron and Team Evaluation Implementation Plan - Environmental Protection Volunteer Squadron Review Results
  2019/09/12 Unit:高雄市環保局
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After the re-evaluation results, the results of the 108-year environmental protection squadron reassessment are as follows

Group A:
Special Awards: Lingya District, NorthFengshan District and Gangshan District
The top prizes are: Sanmin West District , Renwu District, SouthFengshan and Daliao District

Group B:
Special Awards: Dashu District and Dashe District
The top prizes are: Zuoying District, Yanchao District and Liugui District

Group C:
Special Award: Xiaogang District
The top prizes are: Tianliao District and Alian District
Soil and Water Pollution Prevention Division is a special award